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Web App Instructions & Troubleshooting

MobiCard offers a Web App design that does NOT require downloading from Google Playstore, or App Store.

If you are using the “Web App” version which can be used on any device, you will need to do one or a combination of the following:

  • Save this page to homescreen (Google Chrome works best)
  • Save this page as a bookmark or favorite
  • Set this page as a bookmark, and save icon to homescreen

Each device and operating system is different, so your options may vary, but this version can be used with any device that uses a web browser.


Not receiving text messages (redeemable offers only):

  • Your service provider either cannot support shortcode texting (smaller companies)
  • Your service provider has shortcode texting blocked on your account

Contact your service provider and request that shortcode texting be enabled on your device

  • If your service provider cannot support shortcode texting (very rare)… No problem, just show the offer to the merchant, let them know your service provider will NOT allow the coupon to be sent to your device, and ask that he honor the redeemable offer. Merchants MAY honor the redeemable coupons AT THEIR DISCRETION, Please DO NOT try and abuse this, if you do your membership could be canceled.

If you need further assistance contact customer service