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Why Choose the MobiCard for Your Fundraiser?

The MobiCard is the best fundraising discount card available today.

Innovative new APP Card for fundraising

  • Your organization keeps $12.50 of the proceeds from the sale of the MobiCard.
  • When a person leaves your organization you still get paid when the consumer renews their membership… (This is a growing RESIDUAL income)
  • If your organization sells to businesses you receive 25% (100 businesses could be $2,500 per month for you!)
  • Have a school/organization branded interface. Logos, Video Clips, Events, Calendar… Etc.
  • It’s free to you, we provide everything from the APP to the offers, we also provide custom skins (login page) with your school, or organization’s logo, and branding… We provide this ALL free to you!
  • More value to your customers
    • More local discount offers
    • Use MobiCard nationwide (where available)
  • Weekly reminders (via APP) to use local offers on the MobiCard
  • No plastic cards to lose. MobiCard is an APP on your smartphone
  • No other discount card offers the Mobility of the MobiCard …
    • Your organization gets the financial support
    • Your customer can use the discounts on the MobiCard locally and in other cities
  • Transactions are done instantly on the customers phone and your customer has immediate access to discounts
    • No more waiting to receive the plastic cards, or carry around a magazines
    • Your customer supports your group now and they can start using the discounts now

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Fundraiser Agreement Form


Possibility #1

If you have 20 members of your organization (club, team, etc.), you might give each member a GOAL of selling 10 MobiCards.

The total number of MobiCards expected to be sold is 200.

The retail price for each MobiCard is $32 each.

Your group earns $12.50 for each MobiCard sold.

In this scenario, your group would earn 200 x 12.50 = $2,500!

Possibility #2

Your organization (club, team, etc.) needs to raise $18,750.

How many MobiCards do you need to sell to reach your goal?

$18,750 divided by $12.50 = 1500 MobiCards.

If you have 150 members in your group, each member would need to sell 10 MobiCards to reach the organization GOAL of $18,750.